What to do when…

you get roped into an impromptu early morning fishing trip.

I begin this guide with a confession, I love fishing!!! I love being out in the boat with my fishing ugg boats on, feeling the burn in my winding arm. The flip side to this is that I really don’t like getting up early in the mornings. I know I will enjoy it once I’m out there…it’s just the getting there that’s painful, but I’m surely not alone in feeling this way so I’m going to share some survival tips with all fellow wingmen and women. 

Tip 1 – Rope a dope

Try your hardest to rope someone else in also, preferably someone with the same level of enthusiasm as you because nothing makes a hardcore fisherman head for home faster then some whingey, ungrateful passengers. Having said that, save your whinging for when it’s dull – whining while reeling in a big one is super lame!

HOT TIP:  If you’re a wingwoman, try and rope in a fellow female…not only can you compare fishing uggs but you make a far more effective complaints department.

Tip 2 – Work the perks

If they’re going to wake you up early unexpectedly, then you’ve got to get some freebies in return. Insist on a drive-thru breakfast and fishing snacks. We recommend Doritos and Allen’s Retro Party Mix or at least a quick coffee shop stop on the way through! 

Tip 3 – Take a Kwell regardless of the swell

Kwells or Travacalm are fairly essential to every boating trip, even for those with iron tums; getting sea sick is not endorsed by this guide. The bonus of taking a Kwell is that it cam make you drowsy which is good enough reason for a nap and there is no better nap then one in a gently rocking boat! A nap can also be an effective time waster if it’s a bit slow out there.

HOT TIP: Kwells give you mega dry mouth – be prepared with beverages that you have acquired through Tip 2. 

EXTENDED HOT TIP (for wingwomen): Consider the implications of dry mouth. Dry = increased beverage intake = increased need of bathroom = realisation that you are on a boat (most likely without aforementioned bathroom). Have a strategy in place ladies.

Tip 4 – How’s the serenity?

If you’ve made it successfully to tip 4 then I’ll bet that the ocean has already woven its spell on you and you no longer feel gipped by being out of bed so early. For those who aren’t there yet, try yelling out ‘FISHING’ when you get a hit. It makes everyone else jealous and you can’t help but feel a little bit better because of that.

Remember fishing is to be enjoyed and is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Until we meet again, wishing every fisherman and fisher women blue skies and calm waters – Danielle Smith.