So you’ve caught a few Bass on your trusty crankbait selection. Well the possibilities don’t end there, here’s a few tips to really tailer your crankbait selection to get the most out of any conditions.


There is more to being effective with the crankbait than just making a thousand casts. Crankbaits are best used as more than just bait you cast and retrieve along the bottom, a rock ledge, brush or stumps, or other cover or structure. They are a tool that you can impart a fish like action to look like a bait in trouble.

The best way to make this happen is choose a crankbait that deflects off something in the water and generate an instinctive strike response. If it looks like it’s trying to get away a predator that may not be feeding will often strike instinctively just so the prey will not escape!

Watch this video to get the most out of fishing crankbaits in any conditions