Recreational vehicles are great for carrying yourself and your gear to outdoor adventures like camping, rafting, climbing and skiing. Now they’ve just become a little more convenient thanks to the launch of Quickboats.

What’s A Quickboat?
Quickboats are an easy and convenient way for people to enjoy water sports. As one of our goals, we wanted to find a way for RV owners to easily and conveniently transport a small boat without having to buy a trailer. We accomplished this aim with the Quickboat.

The Quickboat is a small two person boat that can be easily folded into a convenient size for easy transportation and storage. The boat has a small engine that provides quick and reliable transport on the water. For RV owners who want a boat but not the hassle of owning a boat, the Quickboat is a great option. Quickboat owners generally can assemble their boat in just a minute or so, allowing it to open up a whole to range of outdoor leisure activities.

RVs Are Here To Stay
Although the worldwide economic crisis has taken its toll on the economies of many nations, putting luxury items like RVs a little further out of reach for many families, these vehicles continue to be popular and are here to stay. There’s an established trend in RV ownerships that reveals that the older and more affluent individuals become, the more likely it is that they will buy an RV.

Quickboats make excellent companion for just about any RV. The convenience of simply being able to fold up your boat and easily store it fits in well with the RV lifestyle of freedom and easy living. The boats also appeal to RV owners’ sense of adventure!

Quickboat information and videos are easy to find here on the pages of our website. Quickboats are safe, durable and designed to provide fun and entertainment for years to come. Quickboats are priced between $3000-$3500, depending on options. The beauty of this reduced cost-of-ownership is that the expenses stop there. No more costs involved with storing, transporting and maintenance like that of a traditional boat!

If you own an RV and want to add even more fun to your travel vacations, check out the recreational opportunities offered by Quickboats.