Summer is drawing nearer; I can smell it in the air. The still and mirror calm waters reflecting a brilliant red from the slowly setting sun. The grey of the past season is over and it looks like summer has just begun.

With the extra hours of light after work ahead, I grow in anticipation of the luke-warm waters. I start to wade out to the waist deep waters of the Canning River, my local fishing hole that’s forever begging me to cast a plastic or metal out to see what lurks within. Usually it’s the bream that are silently hunting around the reeds, but since the last few summers it’s now another that I hunt with my assortment of artificial baits.

It’s the Tailor that I seek, known as ‘choppers’ to the seasoned fisherman due to their tendency to come in and chop a fleeing baitfish in half (or my line) with one swift bite! Now waist deep in the water I see a school bullying baitfish in my way. I cast my yellow Zipbaits SkinnyPop Jr in their direction, hoping to intercept an unwearying chopper.
I start to wind and then suddenly an explosive take, fins and teeth break the calm water surface. Temporarily hypnotised by the effects of the repetitious blooping of my popper I’m quickly brought back the present, first cast for the day and I’m into the action – now that’s Choppers on poppers!

For me fishing with Poppers gets the adrenalin flowing and my whole body trembling. Even as the multiple tailor attacks missed the sting of the trebles, the visual and oral stimulation of what just happened is worth the whole hunt. I cast out again and sure enough it’s the same response, but this time – I’m on!

With luck, timing and many more evenings of stalking the tailor I know I’ll have a blast and more likely than not, find a hungry chopper or two!

Pete Belinski