Quickboat Holdings Pty Ltd (“Quickboats”) has completed its fund raising and has commenced operations. We have begun the launch of a boating revolution.

In the last sixty days the following has happened

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  • Raised funds to launch program – Quickboat Holdings is now owned by 25 shareholders
  • Established board of directors with company secretary and held first meeting
  • Received funds into Quickboats
  • Established an office
  • Appointed legal advisers
  • Appointed industrial designers – Design & Industry
  • Appointed composite development specialist – Trome Design
  • Established website – www.Quickboats.com
  • Reached out & established Quickboats presence on Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube & Vimeo
  • Established website forum community in lead up to www.Kickstarter.com campaign
  • Created a catalogue of marketing collateral in the form of brochures and videos
  • Commenced trademark registration and expanded our patent coverage
  • Built Style Guide for Quickboats communication
  • Entered the community


Goals Next 12 months

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  • Q4 2012 – Secure first 12 – 18 months sales under option
  • Q2 2013 – Have prototypes in operation
  • Q3 2013 – Lodge order with OEM manufacturer
  • Q4 2013 – See first deliveries
  • Set price of boat $3-3.5k depending on options & taxes


Industrial Designers Appointed

Design & Industry, Australia’s largest and most awarded industrial design company, has commenced the design process of the new Quickboat its accessories and the new Quickboat bag. They are due to deliver and trial the first of the Quickboat prototypes Q2/Q3. Following testing and trials work with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to commence manufacture of the first production Quickboat Q3 2013.

Composite Specialists Appointed

Eric Metrot of Tromes Design is now contracted to Quickboats to manager and deliver to production all aspects of the composite panels of the Quickboat. He will liaise with the OEM to manufacture the prototypes and then ultimately the production Quickboat. Eric has extensive experience in composite products used in water sports and has worked with our chosen OEM on previous projects. http://tromesdesign.com/


Web World

www.quickboats.com is live and interactive – please visit it! The website and all social media is part of a collaborative effort between a team of professional website designers, social media, branding, messaging and online advertising experts. Our goal is to create a social media storm and have the epicentre pointing to Quickboats. Already we are receiving 10 expressions of interest per day on average (up 10 fold on 2 months back) with the goal to build to 30 enquiries a day by September 30, 2012. This and all of the online social networks are gearing up for our launch on kickstarter.com.

Visit us on http://www.facebook.com/quickboats, https://twitter.com/quickboats; YouTube.com

We now have over 3,500 enquiries and at the last count we are now being followed by 225 followers on Twitter generated in the last 14 days!

Kickstarter Program

Quickboats plans to launch on www.Kickstarter.com in October 2012. This is a forum of 2.5+ million members that are early adopters of the latest and greatest products or talent based offerings. Our aim is to engage the online ‘early adopters’ and ‘innovators’ community of Kickstarter so that they may purchase product and other offerings ahead of the greater community.

This will be done through the use of all of our online collateral including some fun footage of our American personality Dave. Dave is our Kickstarter character who is specifically targeted at the online American community who we believe will relate to Dave’s quirky American ways. By clicking the YouTube link above you will see Dave in action in the lead up to www.kickstarter.com.

I hope this has been of interest to you and we look forward to communicating our progress over the next twelve months.

We are always interested in your thoughts or participation as Quickboats is one large team of all those that want to see this boating revolution come to being.

Kind Regards

Deryck F Graham
Managing Director
Phone 0410 434 944