Remember those days as a child going to the beach with Dad or just standing on the local jetty watching boats cruise past enjoying the warm summer waters? For some, this is as close to boating as they come as the hurdle to getting on the water was just too great.


In recent times there has been a range of new companies catering for young families wishing to own a boat at a price that most modern families can afford. Whilst there are many boats to choose from now such as aluminium dinghy’s, inflatable boats, centre consoles, plastic boats (more details) be sure to consider your needs and most importantly, your families safety first.

There are many ways for one to get themselves in trouble whilst boating, but most commonly happen in rough weather. Be weather-wise; study the forecasts before embarking on any boating voyage. When at rest, try to seek-out a protected anchorage by day and especially at night even if it’s a calm day, things can get nasty very quickly! A protected anchorage is any area hidden away from open water such as being nestled up in a protected bay. Whilst family boating is a wonderful experience you can never be too careful try to never let your guard down, especially if there are young ones on board!

A weekend away boating around any of the world’s rich waterways, as a family holiday is always one to remember. You’ll come away closer than before, refreshed from the new and exciting experiences, and itching to get back out there and cast the lines in again.

Before any such family trips with the kids begin be sure the kids have proper fitting lifejackets, and most ideally – already know how to swim. A good way to introduce your kids to the beauty of our wonderful marine environments is anchoring up and deploying a mermaid line. A mermaid line is a decent length of floating rope dotted with bright floats that most commonly has a life ring attached to the end.

Fishing is another fun family activity for all to enjoy but is best left for only those times that you’re confident a few tiddlers are around to be caught as the kids usually have a short attention span.

From an early age these are the lifelong memories that remain with you forever. Often I find myself reminiscing on those wonderful boating experiences, thinking about buzzing around on the tender or the dolphins dancing past the boat as the sun appears on the horizon warming the rich salty air. These are the memories of family boating .