If you decide to wade for fish in the river, then here’s a few tricks that might help your fishing:

Try to always cast upstream from where you’re standing. By being downstream of the fish, they will be less likely to hear your shuffling and will not notice any abnormal smells that our skin and clothing cannot help but excrete.

Another hint to remember is cast upstream at an angle. If you cast directly in front of yourself your bait will end up floating back to you too quickly and will spend less time in the strike zone and more time untangling loose line from around your legs!

It’s also good to remember that fish usually face upstream against the current to hold their position and wait for their prey to come to them. So by casting upstream and bringing the bait back to them, you are playing to their natural instincts and putting the bait where they will see it.

As with many areas of running water it’s much easier for a fish to hide behind some structure than fight the water to hold their position. For that reason casting to structure such as rocks, fallen trees or any obstacle that creates ‘eddies’ in the water is more likely to find the big lazy momma fish hanging out just waiting for something tasty to float past!

Now remember, these hints aren’t just for those unlucky enough not to have a boat. In most cases of running water, the principles remain the same and the fish can feel a whole lot bigger when they’ve got some moving water to pull against!

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