When looking for somewhere to go with a caravan, the choice often rests with what there will be to do when you get there, and boating and fishing are activities that loom large.

However a problem can be that although many people have a caravan, they don’t have a boat of their own and so hope they can hire or borrow one for a while. More problems with that can be the skipper might be unsure of the boat, its equipment and handling, with possible disastrous consequences.

It’s a pity then that there isn’t a better way to solve the “combined caravanning and boating holiday transportation” dilemma.

But before going into that – let’s look at five great places to take your caravan and your boat to whet your appetite:

Coral Bay and Exmouth – Western Australia

Try Peoples Park at Coral Bay and Lighthouse Caravan Park north of Exmouth

Lots of boats and fishing around and wonderful for those who like to snorkel, with parts of the Ningaloo Reef within easy swimming distance from beaches – Lighthouse Park is well situated to snorkel at famous Turquoise Bay

When booking Peoples Park, try to get an ocean front site, but be prepared for disappointment as a lot are booked year on year.

Milang – South Australia

There’s an appropriately named caravan park in Milang suited to the caravan and boating enthusiast – Milang Lakeside Caravan Park.

Only an hour or so from Adelaide, the park is on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, with boating and fishing the order of the day. Add wineries and a local bakery into the mix and you’ve got the makings of a really enjoyable stay!

Denmark – South West WA

Totally different to the usually warm conditions in the north of Western Australia, the waters are fresh and calm; and when you’re tired of boating there are delightful wineries nearby, and the historic town of Albany is a short drive.

Try Peaceful Bay Caravan Park where there is plenty of shade from peppermint trees and a good swimming beach to walk to as well as the necessary boat launching ramp!

(And while you’re there take the opportunity to experience the award winning “Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk”)

East Gippsland – Victoria

Look no further than “Allawah Caravan and Boat Park” with quiet and shady sites and even undercover boat storage for the fussy owner.

(And while you’re there why not visit Raymond Island to see the koalas)

North Queensland

Boyne Island Caravan Park only 20 minutes from Gladstone has a boat launching ramp ready waiting for you to go fishing on the reef or in the river




Now – back to how to take your caravan AND TO USE YOUR OWN BOAT!

In the past boats and caravans didn’t really mix – people thought that it was just too complicated to tow a caravan AND carry a boat – but now there are innovative ways to do exactly that, and without having to resort to using an inflatable dinghy.

Folding boats utilising modern lightweight fibreglass and plastics are now on the market that are able to be fitted with a full size outboard AND carry all the gear and you and your fishing mates with safety.

Folding boats are ingenious since they can be stored flat and either strapped to the roof of your vehicle or caravan, or even stored inside the caravan if really necessary!

Now you’ve got no excuse for not getting out there with your caravan and folding boat and visiting one of the five great places