Pete Berlinski

I spot an opening in my schedule and without hesitation I grab my things and jump. With a couple of hours to spare before sunset there is no better way to see the day come to a close then to immerse myself in the local river.

For a short wading session there is only a limited amount of gear you need to get out. Sticking to the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) will make for a less hassle and more comfortable trip.

Dress for the weather, beware of the climatic conditions like temperature, wind, rain and harmful UV rays. I usually wear full length Columbia trousers, long sleeve shirt (both are quick drying) and a soft shell jumper if it’s going to be cold, wet or windy. On my precious, good looking head I wear a baseball cap, buff (neck shade) and polarised sunnies. On my feet I chuck a pair of reef booties or an old pair of sneakers depending on the terrain.

“What about the fishing gear”, I hear you say! A tackle tray full of your favourite baits, leader, scissors and pliers is all you need to get into a few fish. Other than your choice of fishing pole as a weapon of massive fish destruction, you need something to hold all your piscatorial toys. A good bum bag (fanny pack) is the best investment. You can belt it around your waist or if you intend to get deeper in to your element, you can sling it around your neck and one arm.

If staying after the twilight, a good head torch will help you see the vampires.

Squeeze in a bottle of water to keep your liquids up and a camera and your set to conquer whatever comes your way.

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