If you really like to work with your hands, have plenty of carpentry knowledge and time on your hands than you may consider building a small boat. Building your own boat can help you save you get exactly what you’re after in a boat, but is usually quite expensive.

There is various resources on the internet that can assist you in this process but for now, let’s run through a small list of options you could create.

If you haven’t noticed already, a small boat is not just as simple as the name suggests. There is a fair range of small boats or ‘watercraft’ to consider. The right one for you will rely on several aspects, like what kind of activity you wish to use it for and the kind of water you will take it out on.

Let us take a look at five common kinds for you to consider.

1. Row Boats

Row boats are straightforward boats that are powered through the water with the use of oars. Rowboats are not designed for pace.

They are used to be used for more relaxing actions, like peaceful journeys on calm water or stroking around the pool with the kids.

2. Dinghy

A dinghy is a small boat which is sometimes carried by a larger vessel.

In this case a dinghy is used for off-ship activities or traversing from ship to shore.

Another type of dinghy is the sailing dinghy. Sailing dinghies are best for amateur training in sailing, rather than greater sloops, since they have a faster effect to both appropriate and wrong maneuvers techniques.

3. Skiff or Small Boat

A skiff, traditionally means “small boat,” one which is small enough for rowing or sailing by one person. Now days however there is a fleet of high performance yachts known as skiffs, vastly different to the names prior heritage.

4. Canoe

A canoe is a slender, open boat which tapers to a point at both ends. It may be propelled by paddles or even sails. Traditionally, it is formed of light framework and covered with bark, canvas or skins.

It can also be formed from a dug-out or burned-out log or logs but is now generally made of fiberglass, aluminum, etc.

5. Kayak

A kayak is a boat traditionally used by the Inuit. It has a light frame and is covered, these days, by fiberglass or canvas.

So as you can see there is a many varieties of different watercraft that you could consider building. Personally I think you’ll find that building a boat is not for the faint hearted, it takes considerable time and effort and the end result is often not what to the level of fine fishing that you could expect by purchasing a modern boat straight off the shelf.