History and Background

Invented by Gavin Ager in 2001 this boat has a rich history.

The boat won the Western Australian Inventors Award in 2005 and in August 2006 it was unanimously voted episode winner on the ABC TV program, The New Inventors. In 2005, Gavin Ager approached Quickstep Technologies in Western Australia, a world leader in advanced fiber composite processing, to purchase the flat panels for the boat. Attracted to what they saw, Quickstep Holdings Pty Ltd (Quickstep) acquired the FlatOut-Boats operation and Intellectual Property in March 2006.

Quickstep planned to apply their aerospace grade process know-how to produce a very light, tough and high-quality boat that would provide performance, durability and portability without compromise.

However, in 2006 Quickstep reviewed the product and its appropriateness and alignment to the parent Company. The product in its then form was deemed to be too ‘unrefined’ to sit comfortably with the company’s aerospace tradition and product range. Quickstep decided to embark on a detailed design program to update the product. The boat was rebranded as the ‘GoGo’ Boat to align with the perceived brand values and aspirations of Quickstep. Several new patent applications were filed with some still in process and pending.

Quickstep also sought the expertise of Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering groups, BlueSky in Sydney and Form Designs in Perth to assist in refining the product.

To that effect, Quickstep re-designed all fittings and components of the boat to bring it to world standards. Shortly thereafter Quickstep secured substantial defence contracts resulting in it taking the decision that the Flat-Out-Boat was superfluous to needs and deciding to sell it. At this time the industrial design and engineering process is considered ‘approximately’ 80% complete.

Seeing the potential of the boat, businessman and entrepreneur, Deryck Graham, one of the original founders of Quickstep Holdings Ltd, reached agreement with Quickstep to acquire Quickboats Pty Ltd complete with all Intellectual Property; patents, designs, trademarks, URL and IP addresses, all sundry boat equipment as well as a database of over 3,000 sales enquiries.

Company Overview

Quickboat Holdings Pty Ltd has been established to accommodate the operating business of Quickboats and the Intellectual Property rights of Quickboats. Through its subsidiary entities, Quickboats has acquired ownership of the Quickboat product, previously known as the Flat-OutBoat, of which 50 boats were delivered to customers before the product was discontinued for strategic reasons.

Following a successful capital, Quickboats is in the process of significantly updating and refining the Flat-Out-Boat. Concurrently, the Company will continue to pursue and secure key patents, trademarks and designs in identified countries to establish a strong competitive positioning.

Central to the future success of the Quickboat product is the Company’s business model, premised upon a whole-system approach and the fundamental principal of aligning with the most suitable ‘partners’ and service providers. In this way the Company intends to leverage the strategic assets and economics of scale these partners and service providers have to offer, ensuring a low-cost structure, and competitively priced product, which it is envisioned will appeal to the mass market of traditional outdoor and recreational boating and water sport enthusiasts, as well as those previously untapped non-customers, opening up considerable ‘new-market’ potential.

The Company intends to sell using a hybrid distribution strategy which enables both traditional retail outlets and online sales to operate in harmony.


To profit from the sale of a range of exclusive collapsible boats and related accessories that are distributed globally, employing a business model and processes that maximise the ability to efficiently deliver a revolutionary, smart and empowering product to the customer’s door.


To provide a boat that enables the masses to access waterways like never before, with unprecedented ease of transport and storage, putting the fun back in boating.


The company aims to:

  • Deliver an unrivalled product on a global basis that is affordable to the mass market;
  • Deliver a product that delivers substantial utility enhancement to users;
  • Develop a global brand that is synonymous with the products’ unmistakable value proposition;
  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage via its adoption of a whole-system approach to its business model;
  • Develop a low-cost, efficient hybrid distribution model; and
  • Ensure product protection and exclusivity via a comprehensive portfolio of globally registered patents, trademarks and registered designs.



Quickboats aims to manufacture a revolutionary folding boat which provides convenience and capability without compromise.