During the hot summer months many of us look forward to a good nights fishing. A local lake or river can make the ideal spot and who can resist a still night surrounded by moonlit waters? Although we may be familiar with the location to do a spot of night fishing, it is important that we still take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe voyage for all.

In many states fishing at night requires you to wear a Personal Flotation Device ‘PFD’. This is an important item for fishing by boat so you are easy to locate in the dark should you go overboard in rough weather. When travelling at night, boats should also be armed with a bow and stern light which should be turned on as soon as visibility is reduced – better safe than sorry! It amazing how many accidents have occurred by people failing to use their lights at night and bumping into a muddy bank, sending even the most steady legged mariner over; making wearing a PFD extremely important.

Warning devices such as flares or flare guns are also a good idea, to act as a distress signal to an approaching vessel. Carrying a good flash light is both useful and an important tool in case of emergency as well.

When boat fishing the most essential safety device is an anchor, any winds are currents can be very effective at sweeping a boat out to see. If you are in danger then the first thing to do drop an anchor. If you are close to shore and cannot start the motor you can cast and retrieve the anchor in a bid to pull yourself closer to dry land.

Last but not least inform someone of where you are going. Whether you are off to a lake for a spot of night fishing or just going to a leisurely put around the bay, tell someone where you are going so that if you do fail to return they can raise the alarm.

By following these guidelines and ensuring you have taken safety precautions a nights fishing can be an enjoyable time and hopefully you will bag a few fish for tea!