The most important thing you need to keep in mind when picking a boat is that no single boat will do everything. In case you’re seeking out a boat that inspires confidence, don’t expect it to handle compitently in all conditions too – every boat is different in its own ways.

For example it’s unlikely to find quick acceleration and load carrying capacity all in one. You might want a boat now to go really fast or able to head out deep for fish, plus be able to sail around gracefully later in spring, I’m sorry to say – it’s not likely to happen!

Here’s a little riddle which might be a little entertaining and informative at the same time… most boats are like entrepreneurs, they’re OK at lots of things but aren’t GREAT at any in particular (figuratively speaking). If you really want your accounts done, you see and account. If you really want to go fast you have a speed boat; but don’t expect your accountant to be able to bake cake and your speed boat to have room for dozens of fishing rods, it just doesn’t work that way.

But that’s ok, the boating market these days caters for those new to boating who just want to get out for a spot out outdoor leisure all the way up to those who have specific nautical needs. The trick to picking the right boat for you so you get just what you’re after is to determine the way you intend to use it. Take into consideration:

  1. Who you plan on using it with? (Some are much safer for kids than others!)
  2. What you plan to do in it? (Fishing, Cruising, Skiing…)
  3. When you plan on using it? (Summer only? Cheaper insurance may be available)
  4. Where you will store it? (Have a large front lawn and a tolerant partner? I hang my folding boat on the garage wall (not because you’re in tolerant dear, just easier!)
  5. Why you want to own a boat? (Just for the occasional weekend, maybe buy with a friend?)

When it comes down to it, selecting the right boat depends on you, your location and family. Remember to take your time, weigh up your options, and ask questions. There’s so many boats to choose from out there and luckily for you, just about as many people happy to answer any questions you might have as you transition to joining the boating community.

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