If you’ve got a caravan (or maybe you’re thinking of getting one) then one of the things you will likely notice on your travels is the number of caravan parks that are near water.

The water nearby might be the ocean, an inland lake or a gently flowing river – but whichever it is it will ALWAYS look inviting.

People get a lot of enjoyment out of their caravans – but they can get even more when there’s water around – and even more if they have access to a boat.

Now whilst ocean boating might be a bit too adventurous for some, a small runabout on a placid lake might be just the thing to while away a few hours, especially when life in the caravan is becoming claustrophobic!

And for those couples out there wanting to keep their relationship on a sound footing, then a boat for him and a chance for her to potter about alone organizing “her” caravan could be just what the relationship doctor ordered, and whilst shared activities are of course a necessary part of shared life, it’s wise to remember the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

But you haven’t got a boat?

No worries!

These days you don’t have to go to the lengths of installing some contraption on the vehicle that’s towing the caravan in order to take a boat; there are some extremely sturdy, light, easily built and above all SAFE folding boats.

Now we’re not talking here about an inflatable dinghy – we’re talking about something more substantial that can carry a few passengers as well as a suitably powered outboard motor.

The new type of collapsible boats are made of strong yet light plastics or fiberglass and are designed to take up minimal space when they’re folded down for carrying purposes.

Transporting a modern collapsible boat is a simple matter – its all in the design. They can be folded flat to lie on a modest roof rack of the car or caravan even – why, with some caravan configurations it’s possible to store them INSIDE whilst on the move!

Is it going to cost a fortune ?


With innovative design and automated construction techniques, costs have been reduced to where a good folding boat is well within the budget of any family.

Just consider for a moment:

No mooring fees – less maintainence – less storage space needed at home – less chiropractic fees from that heavy lifting!

The advantages of owning a modern folding boat far outweigh the conventional boating scenarios, and you get rid of a whole range of those boating niggles including surely the worst one of all – queuing at the boat ramp – considering all you will need with a folding boat is a flattish area to pop it open close to the water.

And when you’re ready to take the caravan somewhere else, then your folding boat is quickly dis-assembled and is ready to be neatly fitted into or onto it’s “home” to go with you on your next adventure.

A folding boat added to your caravan assets is just the thing to create even more holiday fun and memories.