Sharks, some people love them, but others fear and loath them. I love them, like everything else that swims in the ocean. Sharks come in many shapes and sizes like the giant, majestic and peaceful whale shark, to the deep sea emerald glowing green eyed shark. They are beautiful and varied but some just frustrate me…

Last Saturday I had a few encounters with ‘jaws’, or should I say my shiny vertical fishing jigs did! Fishing out wide in the 100m deep mark my friends and I dropped our heavy metals down to wrecks and barges to entice the unknown arches on the boats sounder.

Doing the silly jig dance we all managed to get a bend in our fishing poles. Captain James lost and landed a few tiddler amberjack and samsonfish. I got a small 6 pound amberjack on deck too but mostly I was in struggle town. A struggling tug of war with something rather LARGE.

The sounder pictured a large showing which was no doubt a shark. NOOOO, I had my precious metal Fisherman Andaman jig on. This was not going to end well. Fighting this beast was like being hooked onto a Russian submarine. It was in charge and I think it might not have even known it had a small piercing. It casually swam deep below and went on a few runs whilst myself putting pressure on the rod had zilch effect. Till after a 20 minutes or so battle I felt slack line. I slowly reeled in the 150m or so of line and was surprised to find my Japanese bling still there although the jig assist hook was gone, bitten clean off.

This scenario continued to repeat for me throughout the day at different sites and depths. I lost my big fish landing mojo. I think my buddy John borrowed it off me for the day as he boated this monster samsonfish and many smaller piscatorial delights.

Although frustrated for now, I know my time will come again and my Canon EOS will have a slide show of me with a strained look on my face as I try to hold up my conquest.

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