For many years I’ve enjoyed the wonderful joys that boating can bring, but don’t get me wrong, they can come at quite a price; storage, trailers, insurance, licenses… you get the idea.

I recently purchased a sports fishing centre console in perfect condition, with a great looking shape, nice big motor and STACKS of fishing room – what could be better? But little did I know, this boating ‘honey moon’ would not last forever, now’s time to experience the world of owning a traditional boat.

A few months in I began to notice some little cracks around the stern which left me thinking ‘I wish I could afford to keep this beauty out of the sun, it’s damaging the gel coat’. I thought little more of it and off I went on another boating adventure, but not long after leaving the boat ramp, the water alarm goes off! This was a real worry – I didn’t even know I had a water alarm and why’s there water suddenly in the hull!

Turning for home we muck about getting the boat back on the trailer and begin the inspection. Meanwhile my deskies are thinking silly old James has left the bung out again (yes, leaving the bungs out is easier done than you might think).
A long story short, the small cracks turned into a split and that boating experience has REALLY hurt the old hip pocket. My advice, if you’re thinking about buying a traditional trailer boat, remember: Bring Out Another Thousand!

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