Boating somewhere new for the first time needs a bit of consideration don’t you think?

Shooting off for the afternoon to your favourite local water spot means that while you have a set of procedures to follow and items to take, you tend to do it all “on automatic”.

But take yourself out of your comfort zone by travelling a longer distance, maybe visiting somewhere new that you haven’t even heard much about before, or both, and you need to take steps to ensure everything is going to work out for you, and more importantly for family or friends along for the trip hoping to enjoy themselves.

Now firstly the whole trip is going to be EXCITING isn’t it? – yes of course it is – but before you get carried away with the thought of all that excitement there are some basic steps to be taken:

Make a list

On the list you will need to include not only items to be taken of course but also activities that need to be completed as well.

Only YOU know what should be on the list, but by way of help:

  • Safety equipment – be as detailed as you can here
  • Emergency equipment including torches eperb etc – make sure the batteries are working – and spare batteries would be good
  • Mobile phone fullly charged
  • Charts if you have them, or write down what charts you need to get
  • All the fishing gear if that’s what you are about
  • Hats and sunscreens!
  • And water!
  • And don’t forget food!
  • And don’t forget “REFRESHMENTS”

Now making a list might seem a bit pedantic, but experienced boaters and caravanners swear by it and it’s not uncommon for a caravanning couple contemplating a long period away from home to spend the first night of their trip in their driveway to make sure that everything they would need was indeed on the list! – don”t worry, most people do NOT think it’s necessary to go that far!!




Tell someone where you are going and your expected time of return

This is one of the standard procedures to be followed, but it still isn’t strictly adhered to.

Make sure the vehicle and outboard motor have plenty of fuel

There is NOTHING worse than running out of fuel out on the water – it could mean the life of you and your family or friends remember.

OKAY – now you can get excited!

No doubt you will have some idea about where to go from stories from other intrepid travellers, or maybe you are just going to just take off and see where you end up.

If you do want to find places to explore that no one usually ventures to, then you are obviously going to need to do something about your style of boating, or more to the point style of boat TRANSPORTATION.

If you are going to do the conventional things of towing with a trailer or roof support using a special system, then you are going to be limited – but if you consider instead something a bit more innovative like the “Quickboat” then you are going to be able to expand your horizons!

A “Quickboat” gives you the complete freedom to boat wherever you can reach with your vehicle since it is extremely lightweight and packs flat onto an average roof rack. Add the fact that it folds up in less than a minute and you will find that you can spend more time on the water instead of waiting to get on it.