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Quickboats is the owner and designer of the world’s most advanced and simply coolest folding boat. The boat is a multi-award winning product with numerous international patents.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the single easiest and most enjoyable boat in the world. To do this we use the best industrial designers, smartest composites engineers and best manufacturing technology to allow you to access the world’s most amazing waterways – all delivered right to your door!


Quickboat Holdings Pty Ltd is a privately held company with less than 50 shareholders. It has two wholly owned subsidiaries one that owns all of the Quickboat IP and knowhow and other than handles all of the day to day operation of the business.
In 2012 it acquired all of the initial technology from Quickstep Holdings Ltd a public listed aerospace company specialising in advanced composite manufacturing and technology development.


The Quickboats Team believes success comes from Good Karma, Good Communication and Good People.
It is involved in Community and supports charity work for prostate cancer and the environment – both of which will continue to play an important role in the company’s future.