Is it safe?

Yes. The Quickboat is so safe that International Aid & Rescue agencies are currently exploring options for using Quickboats to help with flood relief.

Will it leak?

The Quickboat has robust seal protection at the rear membrane and multi layer protection in the hinges.

Can it sink?

All parts of the Quickboat float independently. It is positively buoyant meaning it always floats.

What sized motor do I use?

You will need to buy a motor separately for now. Anything from 2hp to 10hp. We use a 9.8hp motor and it does 18-22knots max with two people onboard.

How many people fit in a Quickboat?

The current model Quickboat is licensed to carry four adults up to 75kgs each.

What registrations do I need to license the boat?

As a global company, we are unable to advise you on the laws and policies of your local or state government. In some places, like New South Wales in Australia, you do not need to register a boat with 5hp or less.

Do I need a license or skipper’s ticket to drive the boat?

You will need to check this with your local or state government. In some places a boat with a motor that is under 6hp can be driven by anyone without a recreational skipper’s ticket or boat registration.

Can it be carried easily?

Yes. The boat comes in two bags with the total weight under 59kgs (one weighs 20kgs and the other 35kgs).

What is it made of?

The panels of the hull are made from advanced composite materials including Kevlar® hinges and advanced Armor Skin which give a balance of being light and strong, to deliver maximum performance and durability.

How do they handle in the ocean?

The Quickboat has very substantial free board and is very buoyant so the outcome is a stable and dry boat in chop. With a decent V entry at the bow it enters waves well and also performs well in a trailing sea.