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From David

 From Milton and Jenny Whitaker – 9/12/2014

Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our new Quickboat. We find that there is plenty of room for two people as well as our crab pots and fishing lines. We are able to move around the boat with ease and find it very stable. So far we have been to the Sandy Straits near home and caught approx 140 sand crabs,(blue swimmers), been to outback Queensland dams and caught approx 500 redclaws (fresh water yabbies). We also landed some large Australian bass.
We are currently powered by a 4hp 4-stroke Suzuki and are thinking of upgrading to a 8hp 2-stroke Yamaha. This will give us a bit more power and enable us to plane easily.
I am sending a couple of photos for you to put on the blog.
Milton and Jenny Whitaker.

From the Verley Family, WA- 3/7/2014

A big thanks to the Quickboats team and particularly James for the Verley Family’s amazing new Quickboat. We took delivery of it on Saturday and the boys and I had it on the river that afternoon. Best of all, the boys and I packed it up, popped it on the Prado roof racks and had it neatly tucked away in out two car garage within 30 to 40 minutes. It is everything we believe it to be and so much more – fantastic!! I am even more convinced than ever that this is a global success story waiting to take flight. Thanks to all at Quickboats.

The Verley Family

From Marusco family, WA-3/7/2014

Last Saturday I took a personal delivery of my Quickboat from James. Thanks James! Notwithstanding I am a shareholder and have had a connection with the company from the start, I must admit I was like a kid at Christmas busting with excitement to unpack the new Marusco Family “present”. Even though I have seen the storage bags many times in the past during the development stage I was blown away by the look, feel and finish of the premium bags. Beautifully presented and a real professional job. They make a real statement. I decided to unpack and assemble the boat on my front lawn much to the enjoyment of my curious neighbours and passers-by. Some even snuck in a photo or two. The process of assembly is everything that the marketing says it is – quick, easy and efficient. As a customer I can say that the end product is truly amazing, a wonderful thing to look at which I am sure will give us many years of enjoyment. The Marusco Family would like to express its thanks to you and everyone in the QB team. Job well done!

From Peter Beanham, WA – 8/7/14

To whom it may concern, Im just writing to give some feedback on my Quickboat. I got to take to the river last Saturday and try it out. It took me around 20 minutes to set it up as I only had my keys to remove all the sticky tape and bubble wrap from each part. I still think I did well for the initial set up. On the water, I was blown away. At the show your staff told me to expect around 12 knots from my Mercury 5hp motor which is around 20kph. What I got was a solid 30kph and two up with a combined weight of 160Kilos I still achieved 25 Kph. The boats handling is superb and confidence inspiring , it also gets up on the plain very quickly. All in all I am extremely happy with the boat and look forward to getting out on the water a lot more often. The only negative is I find the hull a bit too heavy for myself to carry, so I am looking to build a collapsible trolley to set it up on and launch from. Very happy customer.RegardsPeter Beanham

From Graham Clowes, NSW – 28/3/14

Thanks Danielle! I just assembled the boat and it looks really good. Quality of construction is excellent. Please pass my appreciation of the workmanship on to your manufacturers.

From Captain Doug V, WA-17/7/2014

“Just to let you and the Quickboats Team know that my sons and I returned from a 8 day fishing trip to Shark Bay last week – thanks for the great insight and fishing tips James. We enjoyed considerable success, landing a 1.7m shark, a stingray, 7 lovely Pink Snappers and numerous other fish. The real purpose of my story is to let you all know that as we were driving into Denham with our beautiful new Quickboat firmly strapped to the top of our Prado, we saw a car coming towards us. It was leaving Denham and towing a caravan also with their Quickboat strapped to the top of their car! We enjoyed a full day on our boat in what is called ‘The Big Lagoon’ – fantastic. We also chanced going a little out to sea just off the main beach in Denham. The boat performed incredibly well.”

From Captain Kim H, WA-28/4/2014

I thought you and the rest of the QB team would be interested to hear about my recent trip with my Quickboat. I went for a trip to the South West taking in Busselton, Margaret River, Prevelly and Augusta. The boat was in the water at all of these places in sea, estuary and river and I must say performed flawlessly in all. It also drew a crowd wherever it was assembled or dissembled and received some very favourable comments! So absolutely only good things to say about the Quickboat.

From Steve and Vicky, WA – 19/5/14

Hello fellow Quickboaters!Just wanted to say a big hello to all the guys at QB and here in the forum. Some of you may have seen us around the shows. We had our first opportunity to ride on board ‘the blue baby’ in Mandurah. We absolutely loved it, this being our first time out on the water (demo), although spoilt by a over zealous water police patrol. Apologies James (HIN wasn’t displayed, due to us turning up late and us rushing him, soon remedied)….. it finished our weekend off nicely… thank you mate. Ya know the thing with the QB team is their over riding passion to support and assist. From Deryck to James and all the staff we have met, they actually go out of their way to help. For example, we arrived late at the demo (4pm Mandurah), arriving at 4.10pm, thinking the worst, the guys said, “No come on we will take you out, fantastic. James, dealing and response with the water police, was nothing short of brilliant. Calmly, taking them in, apologising for his oversight, not getting into any disgruntlement and in fact having an interest from them! Everything about the boat, its dynamics, its adaptability plus all our other questions answered. Next day or so I hope to be placing an order – but RST Licence first so wish me luck… Thanks guys – you are awesome.