Core Team

deryckDeryck Graham  – Managing Director, Dip. Co. Dir.

The Professional – Deryck has over 25 years’ experience in senior management, administration and marketing positions. He was a director and co-founder of Eagle Aircraft Australia Limited, an ASX listed company which developed the all-composite Eagle 150 aircraft which was ultimately purchased by the Malaysian Government. Deryck was also one of the three founders of Quickstep Holdings Ltd which supplies advanced carbon fibre composite aerospace components and develops composites manufacturing solutions for the automotive industries.

The Person – Deryck’s experience in advanced composites, his earlier background in working in his family’s marine business and love of boating is perfect for Quickboats. He has a strong passion for life, love, balance and fast sports cars. He makes some delicious smoothies which are appreciated by the rest of the Quickboat team. He is also father to some very loved (spoilt) koi! Visitors are requested not to bring fishing equipment.

jdJohn Dummett – CFO/CEO, BA (Acc. & Fin. Studies), CPA

The Professional – John has 17 years’ experience with the Surf Hardware International Company where he finished as the Managing Director in 2013 prior to joining Quickboats.  He has extensive experience with manufacturing and marketing and has dealt with Quickboats’ manufacturing partners for the past 10 years.

The Person – John is the dark horse of Quickboats. He has a very dry wit and doesn’t believe in business cards. If you do manage to catch John in a photograph he will be the one standing off to the side wishing he was somewhere else. He has an active lifestyle and likes to explore the great outdoors.

Eric Metrot – Composites Specialist

The Professional – Eric Metrot has been involved in product development with composite materials for the last 25 years both in France and Australia. He has worked extensively in the recreational sporting goods and aerospace industries.He has been involved in all technical aspects of Quickboats for the past 2 years – from the first prototypes, to setting up production and ensuring quality. He tests our boats to the extreme to ensure they’re perfect for all your adventures!

The Person – If not at work, you will most likely find Eric with his son either kitesurfing, snowboarding, mountain biking or at the hospital with few broken bones from a paragliding adventure…

Extended Team

jamesJames Graham – Advisory Board Member, BCom

The Professional – James was for many years a professional tournament fisherman and was also a part-time manager of a leading nautical equipment shop while at Uni. James graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and naturally worked to combine the two of his passions – the world of entrepreneurship and boating – teaming with Deryck Graham to form the start of Quickboats.

Aside from Quickboats, James remains active in the growth of other start-up interests and within the entrepreneurial/investment community.

The Person – James is in his mid-20s and spends his spare time tackling the most adventurous fishing journeys he can come up with. He loves spending time with his family and friends and one day hopes to own a sports fishing boat with 3 big motors on it… for those times when 60kts of power are necessary!