It is shiny; it is sparkling in the sunlight. All the colours of the rainbow reflect off the curves and indents of a brand new jig. The jigs eye follows my gaze no matter from what angle I stare. I am talking (drooling) about deepwater jigs.

Jigs, in simple terms are painted lumps of metal and lead with wire running through from top to bottom. These are dropped to the desired depth of water from a boat and then worked in a variety of ways back up. The ‘work’ is in the physical pumping and winding of the metal that can weigh in excess of a kilogram – no sitting back waiting for a nibble here!

Some think jigging is just a game of ‘pump and wind’ till something jumps on to a colourful metal, I have news for you – it’s only half the challenge. You have to then impart action and life into the jig to replicate a baitfish in distress. Let’s just say it’s a VERY active way to go fishing and is sometimes not dissimilar to the feeling of an intense gym workout. You will be sore the next day!

I’ve become a bit addicted to these semi precious metals, especially the exotic breed from Japan. The Japanese really do make some impressive metals, or as they have come to be known amougst fisherman, just another bit of tacklebox ‘bling’. These ‘bling’ or metal jigs, come in a matter of shapes and sizes designed for different situations, depths and species.

My favourite brand lately has been the Haoli Lamble Baits. These are just so well crafted with amazing attention to detail. They put off a huge amount of flash and draw plenty of fish strikes with their sexy flutters.

Another well known (albeit expensive) addition to my arsenal is the Fisherman Andaman jigs. These have a reputation second to none and to tell you the truth, I’m pretty scared to let them down to the deep in fear of our toothy friends liking it more than me!

Just the other day a heavy package arrived from the USA.

Quickly I ripped open my internet bought pressie to see my latest decorated metal bling shining away in the fading afternoon light. Another handful of new additions to try squeeze into my bulging jig bag… time to hide any evidence of my latest fishing purchase – the wife will be home any minute!