Pete Berlinski

Have you got a fish that’s avoiding your capture? A fish that seems to disappear as soon as you arrive? Here yesterday for your mate but gone today being that today you are fishing?

I’ve got one cheeky bugger of a species that’s been playing hide and seek with me for a while. The giant herring, a slender missile of a fish.

I’ve seen pictures of this mystical creature. I’ve read about them in magazines and the Internet. I’ve had conversations with anglers that have caught a handful. But, they, giant herring (GH) avoid my grasp. There have been a number of fishing trips where the GH have come within my grasp but the result has been a big fat donut. The donut has given me a taste on occasion as my poppers trebles have stung the mouth of the Elops machinata but its famous cart wheeling acrobatic antics drop out my connection (faster than my cell network) shaking the hooks. Their jumps would make a barramundi or sailfish proud.

Well the warmer water temperatures have brought the giants down with the current and they are back. What’s back as well is me not managing to stay connected. I’ve gone hunting for these speedsters a number of times recently and the one time I stumbled across a pack feeding, my popper only remained in the 60cm specimen’s mouth for one breathtaking jump. The 1 metre breaching of the surface got my adrenalin juices flowing and made the hair on my arms and chest stand.

I just got to get one; I will remain connected one day. This love hate relationship at the end of my line treats me mean to keep me keen.