There are many fantastic natural beauties waiting to be discovered in and beyond the coves found in secluded waterways. Many of these are seldom explored, largely because people find accessing them difficult. A boat that is small enough to be easily transportable and assembled, can open up these narrow coastal inlets to thousands more people, allowing them to explore the world’s hidden coves.

More About Coves

Coves are small bays that are usually less accessible than their larger brothers, often with narrow entrances which cannot be accessed using your average sized boat. Coves are a magnificent result of nature at work and are formed when softer rocks are worn away by water faster than the harder rocks. The result is some spectacular shaped rock formations which can be cave-like in nature, but with the added effect of the seas surrounding and washing through them. Nothing man-made can replicate these naturally occurring coves and they are just waiting to be explored!

Accessing Coves With Quickboats

If you’re new to the exciting new concept of boating then let us share with you just a few of the features of the our Quickboats – their ability to help you discover hidden coves will then become obvious! Quickboats are flat-packed boats that can be easily put together and used by people of all sexes and ages. They are light enough, at around 34kg (in two bags), to be carried, yet large enough to fit up to 4 people. It is 3.3m long, has a beam measuring 1.6m and a maximum horsepower of 10HP.

The small and compact nature of Quickboats means that they are perfect for getting to coves that cannot be accessed by road, and through the narrow marine access points that many of the less explored coves have. These less-frequented coves will have some unique rock formations, and secluded sandy beaches, which only a select few will ever get to see – and of course there is the shy marine life that don’t dwell in the limelight offered in the more popular bays.

Quickboats will cost around $3,000-$3,500, which is a fraction of what you would expect to pay for a typical boat. Aside from the low cost, the uniquely designed boats are appealing for a variety of different reasons including, convenient storage, transportation and setup. They are also appealing as a vehicle for adventure and discovery on the water.

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