So you have arrived at a new location and you want to wet your fishing line and catch a fish. But where do you start? There is a lot of water in front of you so how do you pick a spot that looks to be the ‘fishiest’ looking?

Recently I had the opportunity to just have one quick fishing outing on a weekend visiting friends down south. This weekend away was not a fishing trip but I got permission from the better half to have a few hours fishing to prevent me from sulking all weekend about not going.

I got dropped off at the water’s edge and the ‘me time’ timer started ticking down to my pick up time. There was a large expanse of water in the harbour in front of me, so I had to make a plan. Your target fish can realistically be anywhere in the water body you intend to target. For greater success l had to narrow it down to where they were most likely to be.

Structure, is one of the primary things to look for as it’s where the fish shelter and forage. This can be in the shape of a rock bar, jetty, deep hole, etc.

In front of where I got booted out of the car was a big flat expanse of shallow water. At first glance there was not much structure that jumped out at me, to prospect with my lures. But with deeper observation I identify some objects that broke up the wide stretch of skinny water. About one hundred meters away into the water there were some channel markers. Bingo! This is the structure I’d been looking for in this otherwise featureless area. As I waded to the green and red symbolled poles I flick my ZipBaits Orbit lure to see if anything was about on the sandy flat. It was not until my lure was landing a dozen meters away from the rusty marker that my bibbed crankbait was engulfed. Excellent, I was chuffed to pull a fish from an area I had not fished before. On further inspection, a twenty centimetre drop off from sand flat to mud flat near the channel marker was where the bream and mulloway were holding. This slight dip was enough structure to provide the fish both shelter from the current and baitfish for prey coming over the drop off to escape the run out tide off the flats. I fished this drop off for just under one hundred meters and caught over fifty fish.

It’s fishing smarter rather than harder that will make you the one percent of fishermen who catch ninety nine percent of the fish!