Indiegogo is one of the leading worldwide crowd funding platforms and it provides a convenient method for creative, business-minded individuals to raise funds for their start-up projects. Quickboats Holdings is a company made up of creative, business minded individuals who needed funds to help bring their ground-breaking product to the worldwide boating market. So when Quickboats Holdings utilized the Indiegogo platform to raise funds for our innovative new flat-pack boat, it turned out to be a match made in heaven.

The Indiegogo Platform

Crowd funding is a relatively new business financing solution and uses the basic premise of many ordinary individuals coming together to financially support a cause. This is seen as a great alternative to approaching major financial institutions – which is the traditional method used to get business funding – which are often hesitant to back fledgling enterprises.

Indiegogo was founded in 2008 at a time when the financial markets were in turmoil and many new businesses were looking for new ways of acquiring funds. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and today they are one of the most reputable crowd funding sources, which is why we chose them to help us raise extra funds to support our growth.


Quickboats are creating a boating revolution, and their potential has generated a real buzz with those who appreciate, embrace and reward innovation. After all, the flat-packed nature of Quickboats means that they can be stored and transported much more easily than an ordinary boat allowing more people to consider boat ownership – it is a truly unique produce.

We, of course, know that our Quickboat meets a wide range of boating needs, including fishing, recreational, or even as an extra boat on a large luxury yacht. What others are finding amazing, is that it can go from folded to launch in less than one minute.

Quickboats and Indiegogo Equals Quick Funds

We set out to raise funds via Indiegogo to help us to increase our production capacity for next year – getting more boats to more people, faster. The funding from the Indiegogo community will also help us to meet the costs of obtaining international certification, most notably US Coast Guard approval, and for further testing of the boats.

Within 26 hours of our launch on Indiegogo we were surpassed our minimum goal and were inundated with offers from backers who were keen to be part of the Quickboats boating revolution.

We were delighted to exceed our minimum goal of $20,000, and amazed at the number of people who made pledges of $3,000 – to be first to receive a Quickboat when they become available in 2013. At the time of publishing, the amount pledged has exceeded $61,962!

Crowd funding has become a popular method for new start-ups to raise funds for their projects over the last few years, but not every project reaches, or surpasses its target.

Our Indiegogo campaign still has 10 days to run – and we’ll update you on the final figure reached. It has been a massive step towards helping us making boat ownership available to the masses.

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