Many of us look forward to spending a couple of weeks on vacation by the water in some glorious sunshine. A vacation by the water often means a lot of time spent relaxing on the beach, swimming, wading and playing by the shore. Whether you are vacationing by a lake or river, there is usually a wide range of activities to be had, including boating. But hiring a boat these days can be expensive and often fully booked, so why not take your own boat – and add a whole new dimension to your family fun.

Of course taking your average-sized boat through customs would be a little difficult and sailing halfway around the world to your vacation spot would require a lot of skill, so ordinarily taking a traditional boat with you would not be a viable (or stress free) option. However with Quickboats that is all about to change, and you can now honestly tell people that you will be bringing your own boat with you on your vacation.

How it Works

Quickboats have a unique flat-pack design and it folds away to fit into a handy little carrier. It is no bigger than a longboard and the hull only weighs 30kg (ex seats). When you get it to your destination, the Quickboat can be put together in less than a minute so you can get out onto that crystal clear water fast! It has the capacity to hold up to four people and it is ideal for fishing or exploring the less frequented parts of the lakes and rivers.

How to add a new dimension to your vacation

Portability, convenience, groundbreaking design and superior construction are the Quickboats hallmarks. On a typical vacation there are so many places to see and discover that many people do not want to be stuck in one place all the time. With Quickboats you can feel free to explore different areas while taking your boat with you. As you travel around various parts of a country you can setup your Quickboat and get out onto the waters wherever you are. This is ideal for exploring quays, coves and other less travelled lakes and secluded waterways. All this can be done without having to rely on the tour operators and following the usual tourist routes.

Quickboats open a whole new door to boat ownership and potentially means that your vacation will never be the same again. You may even find yourself never wanting to leave home without your Quickboat.