The winter months can present a few issues for you as a boat owner, and there is potentially a lot of work involved in ensuring that your boat is kept in good condition during this period. As the winter sets in you will have to consider things like cleaning and protecting your boat, keeping it adequately covered or paying to have it stored by a professional boat storage company. This can certainly take the fun out of boat ownership and put some people off, but Quickboat owners face none of these problems!

What is a Quickboat?

Quickboats takes the concept of flat-packed technologies and incorporates the convenience of assembly and storability into a handy little boat. What this means for any user is that boat ownership is now a more realistic prospect and without all those traditional pain points of owning a trailer boat. Quickboats measures in at a slender 3.3m x 62cm x 10cm when folded, which means that you can store it almost anywhere. It is a compact boat, which can comfortably hold up to four people, and it can be powered by 10HP engine.

Owning a Quickboat

You can become the proud owner of a Quickboat when they go on sale to the public in the early to mid 2013 for $3,000 – $3,500 (ex taxes). This is a good opportunity for lots of people who always considered buying a boat but where worried about things like cost, storage and maintenance. The whole concept of a Quickboat is that it offers convenience, capability without compromise.

This means that as the winter months set in you don’t have to worry about the hassles of transporting it to a storage building or taking preparatory steps to ensure that it remains safe on the water. When Quickboats are officially launched it will mean that almost anyone will have the opportunity to call themselves ‘boat owners’.

Keeping a Quickboat safe during the winter

Quickboats are designed to be easily put together when you’re ready to take to the water, and to fold away conveniently when you’re done. During the winter period when you may be a little less likely to take your boat out, you can easily store a Quickboat out of the way somewhere in your house, you could even hang it from a wall in your garage. The boat folds up to be stored in a handy little carrier which has a handle attached. The hull of the boat weighs less than 35kg, so unlike your average boat you can realistically consider hanging the Quickboat from a wall!

So if you want an easy and convenient solution to keeping your boat safe during the winter, you should consider owning a Quickboat ready for water-based action when summer finally comes around again.