Packing up and heading out to the country is always an excellent idea for a family adventure. Carrying all the stuff you’ll need for an outdoor odyssey can be difficult, especially if you have children.

Thanks to the new Quickboat, it just got a little easier.

Watersports are a beloved pastime and having the opportunity to take to the water with family is something many families, all over the world enjoy. With the new Quickboat, owning and travelling with a boat will not remain exclusive.

Fold It, Load It Onto Your Roof Rack

The Quickboat is a uniquely designed folding boat that can easily travel on your roof rack or inside your RV. We’ve worked hard to create an easy to use leisure craft that is convenient, inexpensive and can be used again and again. The award winning design of Quickboats, should allow any owner to see the traditional family vacation take on a whole new dimension!

The Quickboat makes the enjoyment of owning a boat available to folks who haven’t had this opportunity before – we know that buying a boat represents a large expense in itself, and storing and transporting a boat only adds to the cost.

When you buy a Quickboat, logistical problems like storage and transportation become inconsequential, as your boat will fold into an easy to store and transport form. You won’t need a storage building or a trailer to keep and transport your new boat. All you’ll need is your vehicle and a little space in your home: it can hang in your garage, or slip it behind your sofa!

Unfolded, the Quickboat becomes a safe and reliable small boat, capable of carrying up to four people. The unfolded Quickboat is about 3.3 meters long and has be rowed or have an ten horsepower engine attached – it is strong enough to ensure that you have a good time taking your boat through waterways that you may never otherwise get to explore.

Durability You Can Count On

Quickboats can be used again and again for water recreation – we take great pride in the research and design we have invested in our product. In designing the Quickboat, we wanted to design a boat that families could use to build fun vacation memories with. We think we’ve accomplished that goal, and are gathering an amazing number of people who agree!

There’s is lots of information on the Quickboat here, and videos of earlier models of it in action – being assembled in less than a minute, and taken to the water. Once you’ve discovered Quickboats, we’re sure you too will develop our passion too!