Imagine being able to pack your boat in the back of your truck or SUV and then taking some unknown trail to a new destination.  Then, when you find a spot you like, you simply pull out a couple of bags and assemble a boat within a minute.  There is no time eaten up by having to park a trailer, unfasten a boat, and then get that boat into the water.  You may be thinking this is impossible but you probably have not heard of a Quickboat.

Quickboats travel flat

The Quickboat is a revolutionary concept called a folding boat.  This boat literally travels flat because it consists of pieces that you connect together, similar to a 3-D puzzle.  However, while a 3-D puzzle can take a great deal of time to put together, a Quickboat takes shape relatively quickly, giving it its name.  The boat pieces come in two carry bags that hang easily on a wall in your garage, and includes an engine.  All you have to do is slide it into the back of your vehicle or in your camper, and you are ready to go camping, fishing, or caravanning.

Fast and steady

Because this boat is lightweight, anyone can put it together and once you have it on the water, it is ready to cruise around the lake.  You can utilize it as a dingy if you want to use it for exploring a large body of water, or attach it to a larger boat such as a houseboat.  The engine lets you travel at a speed of about 20 knots, making it a great craft to go boating in.  If you are looking for something more relaxing, you can leave the motor at home and turn it into a row boat, giving you hours of slow and peaceful sailing at your favorite water spot.

The Quickboat offers anyone the opportunity to go boating without all of the time and hassle usually associated with this recreational activity.

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