Fishing is one of the World’s finer pastimes and is just about recession-proof.

Although many Americans and Aussies in particular continue to take to the waters to enjoy fishing, finding a less expensive way to do it is getting harder and harder, but with a little help, you may now afford to go fishing more often.

That’s where Quickboats come in. Quickboats are small boats that you can easily assemble and disassemble to transport and store. They’re less expensive than many traditional boats and provide a convenient and easy way for people who want to enjoy their nations’ lakes and streams onboard a quality watercraft.

Fishing’s Enduring Popularity
Fishing is a very popular sport and continues to gain new devotees as more and more residents of urban areas and suburbs take to the nation’s lakes, rivers and streams for the peace and tranquillity they can provide.

More than 44 million Americans alone are active fishers, and fishing enthusiasts. In the US alone they spend more than $42 billion a year on travel, lodgings and equipment related to fishing each year and over a million American jobs are dependent on recreational fishing.

Fishing is a laid-back activity that enthusiasts can enjoy alone or with friends. There are many options available with fishing – enthusiasts can fish from boats or from fixed structures like docks and bridges, experiment with new gear, or simply relax. So many reasons to promote fishing to a populace weary of the rat race of modern life.

How a Quickboat can help
If you’d like to take up fishing and want to fish from a boat, a Quickboat can be the perfect fit for you. They can be easily disassembled and stored in a bag small enough to fit on the roof racks of your car or in your RV, and stored in your garage (or behind your sofa!). This helps to evaporate the boat-ownership costs associated with transportation and storage.

Quickboats have been designed with lakes rivers and calm bays in mind – a good fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the wonderful world of fishing.