Buying your first boat is an exciting experience as it gives you the opportunity to learn more about boating and your local waterways. Finding the right boat for a beginner can be challenging, as your first impulse may be to purchase more boat than you need or can afford.

New To Boating?

When you’re looking for your first boat, you should look for one that fits your price range, is easy to operate and forgiving of newbie mistakes. When looking for boats online, be sure to read user reviews of the boat you’re buying and also check out all of its design and safety specifications to ensure you’re getting a water craft that suits your needs.

Buying too much boat can leave you with a craft that you’re just not experienced enough to operate. Purchasing a good starter boat that is competent in inshore conditions (I’d recommend staying clear of deep water marlin fishing to start with) will allow you to develop the skills you need to later move up to something larger. It also keeps you from making a big investment in a hobby you may only occasionally pursue.

You’ll also need to take some practical matters into consideration when purchasing your first boat. Consider how you will transport the boat to and from the water, and where you will store it to prevent it from being damaged by the elements when not in use. For many would-be boaters, the expense of solving such logistics becomes a major obstacle to boat ownership.

Making Buying Your First Boat Easy

Many of the obstacles to buying your first boat (expense, storage and transportation costs, etc.) are eliminated with Quickboats unfoldable boats.

Quickboats unique and groundbreaking design allows it to be quickly unfolded into easy to store components and reassembled in just a minute or so! They are, of course, leak-proof, light weight and strong – perfect for fishing and boating on lakes, and exploring bays and waterways.

Aside from Quickboats amazing on water performance, another impressive feature is its convenience for storage and transportation. Because the boat can easily be folded and packed into its case, you don’t have to find extra space in your home or find a storage unit to keep the boat – nor do you have to buy a trailer to pull the boat to your destination. Your Quickboat can easily fit on your car’s roof rack, or be stored inside your RV.

For watersports enthusiasts looking to get started in boating, a Quickboat is an excellent entry-level option, especially if you live in urban areas and have little storage room for a full-sized boat!