If you’ve got a folding boat (or maybe you’re thinking of getting one) here’s a few tips as represented by the former Flatoutboat to get you out and assembled and straight into the water.

Assuming you have a Quickboat, this simple process which originally would take you around 60 seconds is now even faster:

1. Take the two bags containing the boat down to the water’s edge
2. Unzip the boat bag, reach forward to the edge of the panel and begin a simple lift (don’t worry it’s not heavy!)
3. Place the holding pole in – there’s a neat slot ready
4. Having simply placed the middle seat in, with your buddy (or solo) pick an end and clip on the water tight transom (stern) and insert cargo bar (bow)
5. Buckle the few simple clips (stern), attach netting to simple clips (bow)
6. Place ‘V’ shaped seat into position with the two clamps go over the transom (stern). Drop in nose cone and clip (bow)

– See more at: http://quickboats.com/how-to-use-a-folding-boat/#sthash.wHSSozDr.dpuf