Me too and we’re not the only one’s either! Let’s walk through a few alternatives to getting out on any of the worlds beautiful waterways to experience a moment of marine bliss.

There’s the traditional boat and trailer. I could tow a boat around on a trailer, store it on a trailer, let it rust into the trailer or continuously change the wheel bearings or fix the damned trailer – NO THANKS!

So how else will I find a way to get out onto the water?

Kayaks these are a common cheap alternative. A single seat kayak will weigh around 25kg cost around $1000 and apart from a wet butt, it will get you out quietly paddling around a still bay – better than nothing!

Small Dinghy this is also a common access too. Now apart from lifting the 60kg+ lump off your custom designed roof racks you should be able to get 4 people onboard for a put along the lake.

Stand-up Surfboard A new fun way to get some exercise and cruise a stretch of water. But it’s not for the faint hearted, you need a strong upper body, good balance and an acceptance that you’re quite likely to have a fall at any moment!

Inflatable Boats “pump pump pump, almost there just needs more pressure” we’ve all experienced that one! 30 minutes in the glaring sun and fighting your pump to get enough pressure into your inflatable boat just isn’t fair, let alone the time it takes to squeeze every last drop of air out once it’s back on shore, sandy, wet and not fitting into it’s bag.
Folding Boats – finally there is an alternative that does give you the satisfaction of a 3.3m light weight rigid boat for 4 persons in less than 60 seconds! Well, not all folding boats do this but a Quickboat certainly does. For more information visit: