Quickboats currently has one model in the market: the 3.7 metre (12 ft) Adventurer. This comfortably seats four adults.

QuickBoats_2-4 & 3-7

Following the success of the Adventurer model, and positive market feedback, two additional models have been scoped and are ready for either final design or production.

Five Reasons to Love Quickboats

Five design patents that make the Quickboat fun, safe and easy!


  • Swing transom – This clicks into place with ease and gives the boat strength and rigidity so it performs beautifully in the water.
  • Lock-in design – Each part of the Quickboat locks in place to give the whole boat an extra level of security, safety and strength.
  • Super hinges – Made from high-end fibreglass and Kevlar, the hinges are strong, flexible and durable.
  • Power transfer – Straight from the engine to the sides of the boat, the power is transferred like magic via the unique seat design.
  • Click-in seats – Click. Click. Click. There are no tools required to assemble a Quickboat. With only 7 parts, the Quickboat clicks together with ease.


Find out more about the Adventurer, Weekender and Companion now.